About Us

What we are

Mocks IT Solutions is the company to consider for IT solutions. Our work is guided by passion, inside out approach, introspection and transparency. Our Vision is to be a partner of choice delivering world class IT systems and services which enhance business processes and adds value.

Mocks IT Solutions was established in July 2008 and is registered as a cc and have been steadily growing the number of clients.

Mocks IT Solutions is a highly recommend IT outsourcing company. It was established on the insight that technology has the power to increase productivity and profitability. We assist businesses on how to use information technology to serve their business requirements in the best possible way. We work as an external team which assists in administering IT systems which will meet changing needs of business. We aim to enhance the performance of businesses so that they will be able to succeed in a competitive business environment. We believe that out sourcing can make a lot of difference to the performance of any type of business. There are a number of advantages to out sourcing:

  • It takes the nuisance of constant faults that often occur when a company is managing its own IT systems and consequently it eliminates the cost of having to repair things all the time
  • There are always new developments in information technology which cannot be overlooked. It is costly for a business to train their internal IT team regularly and send them to conferences. When an IT company is outsourced, all that knowledge is standard because within the organization, we have a policy of continued learning, training and conduct frequent research to keep up with these rapid developments.
  • Most businesses depend on technology and data to survive - The possibility of security threats continues to increase. We are experts in implementing security that is difficult to bypass.

Our Skills

Web Design
Network Cabling
Backup Management

Why Choose Us?

Our Work is guided by the following values:

  • Passion- We take it upon ourselves to deliver quality service which resonate the passion that we put in our work.
  • Inside out approach- We believe positive and motivated employees lead to greater productivity which will ultimately benefit our clients. This is part of the product that we offer to clients.
  • Infinite knowledge- We believe in growing our knowledge base in order to keep up with the latest industry development. This is achieved through providing on the job learning, formal training and attendance of conferences. We also conduct research internally to attain information.
  • Introspection- We treat experience as a learning and an opportunity advance. We have a quality management system which allows us to capture every job experience and measure our performance. This process enables us to maintain our high standard of quality and improve where we need to.
  • Transparency- We believe that trust and maintaining high integrity is key to building long lasting relationships.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to contribute to enhancing the performance of South African businesses and organizations by:
  • Leveraging the power of IT to deliver the best value to our clients.
  • Being efficient and consistent in everything that we do through continually adding to our pool of knowledge.
  • Making every client a priority to ensure that all our clients get the best of us.
To be the partner of choice by delivering world class IT systems and services which enhance business processes and add value.
Mocks IT Solutions is 100% black owned.